Holiday Gift Boxes

For those who live in central Michigan you know we got the first snow fall of the year. Not only did we get snow here in Lansing we got a total of 9.2″ of snow! A record for November!

Snow falling really made it feel like the holiday season! Christmas is my all time FAVORITE holiday of the year. The lights, snow, Christmas trees, family gatherings, baking, etc! Oh, I just can’t get enough of it!

For the last three years each Christmas season I have made “Holiday Gift Boxes” for all of Scott and I’s co-workers along with our close friends and families. Each year around the beginning of December everyone starts to ask when they will be getting their “goodie box” as they call it.

Last year’s “Holiday Gift Boxes” included:
– Chocolate Covered Oreo’s
– Chocolate Covered Pretzels
– Chocolate Covered Marshmallow’s
– Rice Krispy Treats
– Sugar Cookies
– Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sitting at home today, snowed in, I thought it would be the perfect time to beginning planning my 2011 “Holiday Gift Boxes”. This year I really stepped it up, seeing that I am going to have an assistant! I am so excited that Brian is here from Denmark and has offered to help me!

As it stands right now the 2011 “Holiday Gift Boxes” will include:
– Chocolate Covered Oreo’s
– Chocolate Covered Pretzel’s
– Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing
– Cookie Dough Truffles
– Raspberry Truffles
– Buckeye’s
– Golden Rugalach
– Linzer Torte Cookies
– Rice Krispy Treats

Stay tuned for recipes of the goodies!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Boxes

  1. Will be at your beck and call or whatever the phrase is. Ready to attack dishes or stir something in a bowl. Im well known for my stirring skills !

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