I love hearing from all of you! There are several questions I get asked quite frequently, so I figured I would compile them here.

Q: Why did you decided to start blogging?
A: Honestly, I have no idea. I had begun to read several food blogs on a regular basis and one day I was thinking about how amazing food blogs are and thought, “why couldn’t I do that!” So I decided to jump in with both feet first and try my hand at blogging, and I was instantly hooked! Not only do I maintain A Taste of Meghan’s Kitchen, I also blog about my one of my second favorite activities running on my blog, A Run With Meghan.

Q: Have you always been into cooking?
A: I begun baking and cooking back in 2003, when I was a freshman in college. Having grown up with a Mom who typically made everything out of a box (no offense, I love you Mom) I was determined to learn how to cook from more than just a box. Since then I have spent numerous hours, days, weeks, months, and years self teaching myself how to cook! (I will admit, one item on my bucket list is to one day take some professional cooking classes!)

Q: What do you do with all your baked goods?
A: I can tell you that nothing ever goes to waste! If I allowed my husband and I to eat all of the goodies I made, we would more than likely have serious weight issues! So I work very hard to give away most of the things I bake to family, friends, co-workers, charities, etc. or when I am hosting a party or shower.

Q: The recipe I tried did not turn out — what happened?
A: I am sorry that the recipe did not turn our perfectly or how you had hoped it would. I work very hard to ensure all the recipes I post I have tried numerous times to ensure others will also achieve the best results; however, mistakes happen! I wish I could help you more with these type of situations; however, it is impossible for me to know exactly what went wrong. I will do my best to give you all the advice I can along the way.

Q: How do I start my own food blog?
A: I know from experience how intimidating the world of food blogging can be, and I cannot promise that you won’t eventually run into someone who will try to crush your spirits because of mistakes you might make. My best piece of advice for those who wish to begin blogging is to keep going! There is a learning curve to blogging and you cannot learn everything over night.

Q. Do you come up with your own recipes?
A: I am a big fan of adapting recipes; however, I do come up with my own recipes as well! I am still mastering the ability to get the correct proportions of ingredients, so creating my own recipes is a lot of hard work for me! At the end of each recipe you will see whether or not the recipe was one I adapted or created myself, as I believe you should give credit where credit is due!

Q: What do you besides blogging?
A: I am married to the most wonderful man and together we have three dogs! (Let me repeat that, three dogs!) We are extremely excited about the fact that we are hoping to start a family later this year, but the in the meantime we enjoy spending together traveling and playing golf. Although I am not a great golfer (I must say even though I am biased, my husband is a darn good golfer — with a 3.5 handicap) I love getting out on the golf course as much as possible. I also am an avid runner and am currently training for my second marathon and my first half ironman triathlon!!!

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